What to do with household clunkers?

August 1st seems to be the time when most leases turn over in Charlottesville. As a result, weekends in August bring us scores of U-Hauls and packed SUVs. In my condo complex, there always seem to be a few new residents or grad students moving into rental units while others are moving on to their next job or degree.

I just looked out the window and saw a young guy rolling a fairly large, traditional TV towards the complex trash compactor with an older man (probably his father) in tow. I imagine the TV is on its way to the trash heap unless someone happens to swing buy looking for things to salvage.

People with homes have garages and basements where larger cast offs can sit until they can be freecycled or recycled, but what are the rest of us to do? By the end of the year, I hope to upgrade to a flatscreen TV and I'm already wondering where I'm going to put my big clunker if I can't give it away quickly on Craigslist or Freecycle. I think I'll start researching now to see if there are any homes (Ronald McDonald? Half-way houses? Women's shelters?) that could use a bulky, but fully functioning TV so I can pass it along to someone who will definitely use it.


  1. Calling charitable orgs is a great idea. Generally I leave something on my stoop and in about 10 minutes, some eagle eyed passerby has snatched it up. The beauty of living in the city I guess.

  2. I wish it was so easy here! I put a free item outside around noon and neither of the two people who said they'd come for it have showed up.

  3. If you have a way to get it there, donating to a womens shelter is a great idea, too. You'll have to call first and set it up, because they keep their locations discreet (since most women there are trying to escape abusive relationships). They always need household items, clothing, and kid stuff.


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