Was my shower curtain killing me?

I have always used a fabric shower curtain in the bathroom with a white, plastic liner behind it. I remember a friend saying that she switched to a fabric curtain for fear of off-gassing from the plastic curtain, but I didn't really concern myself with that. After all, the junky wall-to-wall carpet that the builder put in my bedroom is surly much more dangerous than a little shower curtain liner, right?

Well, I finally decided to replace that liner with fabric and am really pleased. First of all, I don't have to deal with that "new curtain smell" which I'm sure is the death-is-upon-you toxin about which people worry. But second of all is something unexpected: the bathroom is quieter. Of course we all know that rugs and drapes reduce echos, but I didn't expect the bathroom to feel a little more substantial (dare I say luxurious?) because the sound is dampened. Why didn't I do this sooner?

Who has made the change to a fabric shower curtain liner? Did you notice a difference?


  1. I recently changed to a fabric liner, but you know...I didn't notice the difference. It didn't seem any quieter to me but I can tell you I did not miss that nasty plastic/vinyl smell. I will check on the noise today :) hehe

  2. I have so much tile in my bathroom that there was a big echo in it, even with towels, bath mats, and the fabric shower curtain. That extra bit of fabric seemed to help.

  3. We have a shower stall in our main bathroom, so no need for a shower curtain. But the guest bathroom has a shower curtain, and I did put up a plastic liner. I don't think it has a smell to it -- but I'm hardly ever in that bathroom, so it's hard to say. Same goes for the noise level -- I really don't know if a fabric liner would make a difference.

    Sorry, I'm not much help, am I?! If you notice that your bathroom is quieter with the fabric liner, then don't question it, go with it!! :-)

    I saw that coin chair on Moving Up too :-) That's where I got the idea to post it on our blog :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  4. But don't you have to wash the fabric one all the time b/c it gets moldy? Thats what has stopped me from doing it before. (pure laziness!)

  5. I didn't think of that...I have no idea!

  6. An occasional run through the washing machine is easier than a spray & scrub to keep off the ick... or worse, continually replacing the vinyl liner!

  7. Ever since moving out on my own I've used a fabric liner (growing up we had glass shower doors). I worked in a hotel one summer as a maid and all the rooms had fabric liners so we could take them out and wash them after each guest left. It's a little of a hassle, but I like that my liner lasts MUCH longer than my friends' vinyl liners and looks much cleaner. Not sure about the noise factor because this is all I've known ;)

  8. I recently switched to a fabric shower liner and I LOVE IT!! For starters, it last much longer since I'm able to wash it and I'm all about getting my money's worth. I have noticed a difference in the noise level b/c for some reason the plastic one always made a popping noise when pulling it back. I would definitely recommend to others :-)


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