Unwanted house guests

We had house guests this weekend and they still haven't left.

Despite being on Frontline Plus, my little golden retriever had a flea on his belly on Saturday night. Soon after finding that flea, I heard that one of my neighbors (who also uses a topical flea preventative) was in the same boat.

First, I went into crazy googling mode because I had never seen a flea before and didn't know what to do safely with a dog that already had flea preventative on him (adding chemicals on top of chemicals was likely to burn him). For the past two days, I've been washing everything in sight in hot water, throwing away a good deal of non-essential dog stuff (toys and mats), cleaning and combing Baxter hourly, and running the vacuum almost non-stop.

This morning, I picked up some diatomaceous earth, a natural product that dehydrates flea eggs and larvae when swept into carpets and baseboards. I haven't seen any fleas in the house, but I figured it was best to act as if they jumped off Baxter at some point and found a home in a crevice.

The staff at our vet's office said the flea population seems to have exploded lately and we didn't do anything wrong. These things just happen sometimes.

Bonus: there isn't a single thing on the floor besides the feet of furniture and a rolled up rug in the living room.

Bogus: I still have wall-to-wall carpet in the bedroom, which I have always thought of as a dirty trapper. Maybe this is my chance to rip that horrible stuff out!

Boyfriend's camera phone shot of me at work in the bedroom


  1. My dogs are 10 & 11. Just last year Frontline seemed to stop working. Sometimes they get immune. I have switched to Advantage, and it is working fine. It is similar to Frontline, just a diff brand. Good luck, fleas stink!

  2. We have 3 dogs (a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Boxer, and a Boxer/Lab mix). They were all previously on Frontline Plus but according to our vet, he wasn't selling it and/or recommending it to his furry patients this year because there have been a lot of reports of it not working. Our guys are now using Vectra 3D, which protects against fleas, ticks, lice, mosquitoes, mites, and sand flies (a lot more than FP ever did). PLUS, the best part - it is completely 100% FRAGRANCE FREE! It is more expensive than FP, but IMHO, totally worth it. Our boxer was eaten alive by mosquitoes constantly last summer (when he was on the FP - which didn't guard against mosquitoes); this year on Vectra 3D he is bite free! I'd talk to your vet about Vectra 3D.


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