Six Degrees (or less) of Separation

I'll know you're a design nerd if you get excited with me over this.

While reading the new issue of Elle Decor last week, I happened upon an article about Mark Badgley and James Mischka's weekend home in Lexington, Kentucky. I made a mental note to rip out the article to pass it along to a local friend who is from there.

This afternoon, the pictures from that article were posted on Decorology, one my favorite design blogs. Because of that post, I realized that the full article was on the Elle Decor website and I emailed the link to my friend. She replied pretty quickly that she loved the article, especially because she went to school with Jane Scott Hodges when she was a child and their parents are friends (she was mentioned a couple times in the piece).

Jane is the woman behind these:

Photo courtesy of Leontine Linens

She's the founder of Leontine Linens. Wouldn't it be great to have one of those personal consultations followed up by personalized, luxurious linens made by skilled artisans? They're like couture for your home.

Alas, at the prices the sets are running, I'll have to settle for the sheets I got on sale at Bloomies.

After thinking about this for a little while, I started to feel like a slacker.

S&C: I have a blog.
LSH: People pay me $900 for their sheets.


  1. Soooooooo beautiful. Might have to start the Christmas list early this year!

  2. Oh hi, Mark and James have a weener dog!


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