I just painted the inside of the front door, the front closet door, and all the trim around them. I was wearing the dress I wore to work and had drunk two glasses of wine.

I'm a dangerous girl.

We'll see if I'm still proud of myself in the morning.


  1. That is awesome. I just giggled reading that because I was sewing pillows with/for a friend last night, at the mercy of half a bottle of wine and my sewing machine skills. I still have all my digits but I'm curious how the pillows look this morning?!

    Do share pics!

  2. Jeannine,

    Hilarious! Oh, I am soooo glad I found your blog - it looks fascinating. I am at the office now, so should not be blogging. But I wanted to THANK you for your giant list of shopping and restaurant ideas for me. I am so excited.

    Yes, I had planned to hit the Leesburg outlets as they looked like some of the better ones. I hate that the outlet quality has dropped, same here over the last few years. Not like the good old days.

    I am so curious about Old Town Alexandria. If you have time, could you email me? pricet@telus.net. I had planned to spend about half the day on Friday (Sept.15) when we are in DC going to Georgetown to shop. I found the M Street/Wisconsin Ave area and thought I would walk there. Btu honestly, Old Town sounds so nice too and seems more alluring. Is it close enough to DC to take a cab. David will probably go on his own if I have a shopping day. Just trying to decide where the most eye candy will be, haha. I probably will focus more on home decor/accesories and clothes and less on furniture, since it is hard to get back! Not that I will buy a lot, I just want to see it all!

    We will definitely try Rice!

    We plan to do the tour thing in DC on the Thursday all day, starting at the Arlington Cemetery and then do the monuments all day one day. Probably not enough time. I may or may not shop on the Friday. Then we leave DC on the Saturday because we are doing a civil-war focussed trip (for David, my partner) and we are going to a reenactment in VA. We will be spending the next week in VA mostly (and will likely be in your town!). At some point we will go to Gettysburg too and will hit the Leesburg malls.

    Take care, will visit your blog and catch up when I am home. Email if you are able as I might have a couple more DC Q's. I appreciate your time to tell me about some options. Very sweet of you! Nice to have an "insider".
    xo Terri

    P.S. I can't believe you painted whilst drinking. SOunds like something I would do. ; )

  3. Thankfully, the paint looks fine.

    Terri, I sent you an email about your trip. I hope it helps!

  4. As long as you don't wake up in the same dress w/ wine stains on it to inspect the buzzed up paint job. =]

    Pics, pics, pics!


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