Progress coming this weekend!

Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, good-bye!

The work I'm doing in the living room is kind of dependent on moving my TV armoire out of the condo. I listed it on Craigslist and ebay a few weeks ago and only got one tiny nibble of interest despite a very low asking price with a note that I'd take offers. Sadly, I woke up at 5 AM and couldn't get back to sleep, wondering how one sells such a big piece of furniture without Craigslist or ebay. I thought about the auction house I have seen on the highway, but their website led me to believe that they only deal with precious antiques. My armoire is by Bernhardt and is a good piece, but it is still in production.

I casually mentioned the armoire to a friend at work and she immediately said she'd buy it. Amazing! By this weekend, I might have something new and exciting to post on the blog. Hooray!

P.S. How come spell check hates the word "armoire" and always tells me I'm spelling it wrong?


  1. I think right now sales have slowed on Craigslist due to the economy. I've had trouble selling items lately - even at veeery low asking prices. Glad you found a solution, though! I hate when I am ready to get rid of something and move on with the new look - but no one is biting!

  2. how much did you end up getting for the piece? i have one just like it that i'm trying to get rid of....


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