Oh no! A local gem is closing!

We made a sad discovery on Baxter's morning walk today. Artifacts, one of my favorite stores for cool home accessories, is closing!

We found Artifacts a few years ago while trying to buy a Christmas present for Marc's mother. We went to Caspari and were completely turned off by the staff that day. They were planted behind the counter in the middle of the store. Despite there being tons of holiday shoppers, there were no sales people on the floor. When I found a large platter I liked, I took it to the register and was told I had to take the floor model (which was scratched) and they didn't have boxes.

We walked out the side door, looked down the street, and saw Artifacts. The moment I stepped in the store, I was hooked. Artifacts has an eclectic mix of old and new and everything in the store would blend with any color scheme. Time and again, if someone comments on some decorative object in my place, it's something I got at Artifacts.

I'm so sad to see the store go. It's truly a gem.


  1. I know -- it's so sad! I saw the sign today too!!! I loved going in there -- esp. at Christmas. :(

  2. Oh my gosh, I just read the sign on the door...I hadn't read the whole thing when we walked by this morning. It says that due to the loss of their lease, they are no longer going to operate "at this location" so maybe, just maybe, they'll move?!? I noticed that Ruggi's is has a sign that says everything in the store is 30-50% off. Maybe they're moving, too.

    I'm going to stop in and get the scoop!

  3. Oh wow! Maybe they'll be one of the retailers going in The Gleason!
    Any word on that? I watch them (and listen to them) building away all day every day. I can't wait till it's done and am so excited about all the shop possibilities!

  4. I moved to TX from C'ville last year and miss it so. I loved Artifacts. Bought a GREAT mirror there about 5 years ago, some lamps etc....It is fun perusing your blog and seeing the old places that I used to shop. Sad aout Quince too. i want those pillows!


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