Friday, August 14, 2009

My non-existent moldings

I bet you can't figure out what this is:

That's a combination of wishful thinking, procrastination, and laziness.

Back when I painted the common areas blue, I decided that I really didn't need to paint where the wall met the ceiling because I was going to put up crown molding. I talked a great game of hiring someone, then decided that if a friend could hang her own, I could do it too, then decided I'd hire someone again...well, two years later, the moldings weren't up. The sloppy line at the top of the wall annoyed me constantly, but I kept telling myself I would figure out the molding thing soon. Two years of cropping photos. Of living with a messy paint job.

On a whim during a day off this week, I decided to fix the problem. I stirred up some paint, taped off the ceiling, and went to work. The taping took longer than the painting. Within two hours, the walls looked like this:

The next project: painting the baseboards and doors to match the ceiling. The white used by the builders is kind of dingy looking compared to the ceiling.

I think the touch up looks pretty nice. Should I still put up the moldings? Anyone know someone who does that kind of work in Charlottesville?
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  1. J, our baseboards that were "hard" (ie behind the couch and entertainment center) are still not nailed in place - I hear ya on procrastination! Your touchup looks fantastic; I love molding though. Keep meaning (see - more procrastination) to tackle that job for our living room . . .
    --Sarah K

  2. It looks great, but I love crown. I think trim really makes a house. We had all new trim/crown put in our house, and we love the difference it has made. I say go for it!


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