My Ikea honeymoon is over

A little over a week ago, I wrote about my first Ikea purchase and then promised I'd have an update on the new furniture plan for my living room. I had been pleasantly surprised by Ikea. Previously, I had thought of is as a sort of furniture hell with its maze of a showroom and massive warehouse.

Well, my opinion of Ikea took a hit on Monday. While checking the stock for some armchairs prior to my trip there, I looked up a console my Ikea-fanatic friend and I had seen in the store about a year ago. I had thought that it only came in yellow, but the website showed it in black. I decided to give it a try.

I'm pretty methodical about putting together furniture and I laid every piece from the boxes Ikea gave me (this thing is so heavy that they bring it to you after you pay) out on the living room floor. There seemed to be too many of some items as I unpacked, but I kept going. Only towards the end, when I pulled out the legs to the piece, did I realize that Ikea had given us two of the same box. There was no hardware. No instructions. No top.

After I explained to Customer Service that we were hours from the store, they agreed to drive the missing box to us and pick up the extra one, but it was too late to make it onto the truck that would come to Charlottesville on Wednesday. We have plans on Saturday, the other delivery day. So, I will have Ikea parts scattered around the living room until next Wednesday. I should probably take some pictures so I can look back and laugh at them, but I'm too horrified by the chaos in here.
On the bright side, I can inspect all the pieces and box up ones that have scratches to send back to the store.

For now, look at the pretty legs of the console...all eight of them.

Awesome. I just read in The Atlantic that one expert considers Ikea an environmental train wreck. I'm surprised the company gets so much love on Apartment Therapy and other hip, home decor blogs/websites. While in the showroom, they seem eco-conscious.


  1. That was a really interesting article. Thanks!

    I've recently been considering the throw-away mentality that accompanies Ikea purchases. We usually know that our objects probably won't last more than a move or two.

    That's a total bummer about the parts being duplicates. But I say more points for Ikea for being willing to drive the stuff to you - Walmart or Target wouldn't ever do that! (At least not in my experience)


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