My first big Ikea purchase completed

A few days ago, I talked about Ikea Panic and shared the story of my first experience buying something substantial at Ikea. I only got half of what I wanted, though.

The design plan for my living room includes a new, slipcovered sofa and two slipcovered chairs. The sofa, Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams' Alexa sofa, probably won't be delivered for another month. Ever willing to sacrifice comfort for aesthetics, I was prepared to wait for the sofa to be delivered to purchase the two chairs. My boyfriend was a bit pouty on the the very first day that I was sofa-less. He inspired the spontaneous trip to Ikea, which left me with one, lonely chair.

This past weekend, we made a return trip to Woodbridge. I checked the Ikea website before we left to verify that a new shipment of the chairs had arrived and there were four in stock. The amazing guys at the service desk in the self-service area not only did a physical check over the phone, they offered to set a chair aside with my name on it. I'm not sure they're supposed to do that, but I really appreciated the offer and they further chipped away at my earlier notion that Ikea was furniture hell (I had visions of a cold, dark warehouse full of furniture bits, allen wrenches, and a big "Good luck, you'll need it" sign on the exit door).

Anyway, last week's purchase now has a companion. Right now, I have them situated where the sofa will be when it arrives. Despite the fact that I've been too lazy to iron the slipcovers, I'm really happy with how these look. The color of the slipcovers also matches the Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams swatch I have. Lucky me!


  1. YAY! That must feel so good to have the match and have someplace to sit! It looks so clean and fresh. Great pick. :)

  2. FYI, my bf had impressively huge problems buying his sofa at Ikea. Do not, I repeat, do not trust if the store says the computer shows items in stock - always get them to double-check! (And we recommend you avoid the College Park Ikea like the plague!) Glad you got your chairs in "only" two trips!

  3. Just found your blog via Just Beachy while on a search to find reviews of the Jennylund chairs. Do you like them still? I'm considering one for my 6 year old daughter's reading chair in her room.


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