My Christmas list begins

My sofa is due to arrive in a few weeks and I'm starting to think about some fun pillows for it. Just in time, Decor8 posted a blog entry about Jonathan Adler's new "Design Your Own" service.

I'm having way too much fun playing with the different color combinations in the pillow section! $98 is too much to pay for a personalized, two sided (you can put different letters/numbers/symbols on each side) pillow, right? :)


  1. Have you seen these button pillows on etsy?

  2. Thanks for the heads up, Letitia. I actually loved the pillow with the dove on it from that Etsy seller.

    I could get lost on much greatness!

    BY THE WAY, you need to check out the Etsy seller that puts dog silhouettes on shirts and tote bags. They're fantastic!

  3. Oh I definitely know about her!!
    She was featured on Martha Stewart's show and they added her frenchie template to Martha's website. I used it to make my very fist tote bag for Clyde's foster mom, then I added a bag of her doggies' favorite treats. :)
    My next step is to paint a frenchie silhouette on Clyde's mini poo trash can. Haha.

  4. There a little pricey but Jonathan Adler rocks my world!

  5. Yes, $98 is too much for a cushion. But they're totally cool!!! :-) Nothing wrong with a little splurge every now and then, right?? :-)

    Hahaha!! Thank for the link to Baxter watching the Crasher Squirrel on TV :-) Isn't it funny when dogs react to things on TV?? During the old opening credits of House Hunters, our Lab Squirt went crazy when the doorbell rang!!

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  6. i love the first one! that's my favorite - can't wait to see your new sofa!!! so exciting for you. i love new furniture. :)

  7. Fun pillows! But yes, a little too expensive I'm thinking. Of course it'd be fun (and perhaps an okay expense) to have one special, unique, personalized pillow in your home!! Actually... might be nice sitting in the centre of the pillow arrangement on your bed. "J" laying claim! :-) By the way, I think my fave of the ones you "designed" above is the brown pillow in the bottom right corner.

    How fantastic that you caught Baxter barking at the squirrel crasher! And thanks so much for sharing a link to you photos!! I particularly enjoyed the one that showed blur where his tail was... evidence of his excitement!

    Victoria @ DesignTies


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