Making up with Ikea & a TV discussion

My love-hate relationship with Ikea turned back around last night as I put the last drawer of my new console in place. I still need to tweak a door to make sure it's even, but I'm pretty happy with how it's looking right now. For the time being, my clunker of a TV is resting on top, with an old towel to protect the top of the console. At some point, I'll upgrade to an LCD TV that won't take up as much space.

Which also brings me to a discussion about TVs being visible in living spaces. I used to be adamant that my TV be behind doors so it could be hidden when people come over. Over the last year or so, I've seen the debate about whether a TV should be visible or not play out via blogs and magazines and my position has slowly changed. I think a House Beautiful interview with a designer named Chad Eisner helped. Chad has a 900 square foot bungalow in Santa Monica, CA. His TV was perched in an inset in the wall and framed with simple molding, painted black. He said "I watch TV. I'm not ashamed" when the interviewer asked about the TV's frame.

Chad Eisner's living room, from House Beautiful

What was I so worried about? That people would know I watch TV? That guests would stare at it, even if it was turned off during a party? Silliness. TVs are part of our living spaces and in small condos like mine, hiding the TV and pretending to have a formal living room doesn't really make sense. So, I'm letting the TV out and aren't afraid to admit that I watch it.

Hi. I watch TV. I'm pretty sure you do, too.


  1. my tv isn't in my living room -- it's in my bedroom. and believe me, it's not because i'm trying to hide it.

    hi. i watch tv. in bed.

  2. Show off your TV girl! I have one in the living room and in the bedroom!!! :) Love the console!

  3. Yes, I admit it too! We have one in every room but the bathrooms.I had the same debate when we re-decorated our living room. That's what lead to our new flat screen, not huge and overwhelming though!

  4. Those doors were a pain... I just decided to leave them off. Mostly b/c the open shelving is more convienent in an office but also b/c I was too tired of dealing with it to tweak the doors :)

    PS: I don't believe anyone who tells me they don't watch tv. Give it a rest people, everyone watches a little bit. Its like hiding the fridge in the kitchen - who are you trying to fool?

  5. Once again, I am a Mrs. Lime copy cat.

    I had to go back through your blog to see that you have the very same console. Darn it!


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