Kitchen pantry facelift

Remember the pathetic laundry room from the photo album of my empty condo? There was one wire shelf over the washer and one over the dryer.

There was great storage potential, though. I looked at a bunch of different solutions and even fantasized about a Container Store redesign of the little room, but that was prohibitively expensive. In the end, I got some simple, white shelves from Lowes and installed them myself.

Removing the brackets that held up the wire shelves was probably the biggest pain. The brackets themselves had toggle backs, so the drywall had to be damaged to remove them.

After fighting with those for a while, I tried to paint the room a light pink. The result was horrible. So bad, that as soon as I finished, I started mixing paint to make enough to cover it. The resulting yellow was just right. I think it's pretty bright and cheery now!

The shelves run along the entire long wall, which used to be blank.


  1. That's a great idea. My laundry room has an ugly wire shelf as well.


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