Flea Fest 2009 is over

I am fairly confident that the flea festival we hosted last weekend is over. Baxter, who has gotten so tired of showing his belly for comb outs that he is now offering his paw for the "belly" command, is free of hitch hikers and the house shows no sign of critters (I never saw them in the house, just on Baxter, but treated the place nonetheless). I'll still be vacuuming constantly, of course.

One of the benefits of this surprise is that I was forced to get everything but furniture legs off the floors for cleaning. A lot was donated to the SPCA rummage store (my boyfriend likes to say "go animals!" when he drops things off for me), some things were given away, and others went to the dumpster. It's amazing how much even an aspiring minimalist can accumulate in a small home when closets are big!

I think I'm going to use this weekend for another round of cleaning. I have never had time for "spring cleaning" (my busiest time of the year at work is in the spring), so maybe I'll start "fall cleaning" instead. I'm not going to look at organized closets on The Container Store site either this time. Last time I did that, I felt completely incompetent.

Oops. Too late. Seriously, who is able to do this?

Photo courtesy of The Container Store


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