Don't judge a book...

I saw this book in an antique store (maybe second hand store is a more appropriate description) over the weekend and almost passed it up because I was unsettled by the cover. Nate Berkus is great, but I really don't need his face staring back at me from the shelf under my coffee table.
Lucky for me someone in the Berkus camp did me a little favor and made sure there was something infinitely cooler underneath the book jacket.

Call me old fashioned, but I actually use the library as much as I visit the bookstore, so I don't keep too many books around. I'll hold onto books that I envision reading again or ones that have sentimental value, but most books are passed on somehow after I've read them.

When I decide to keep a book, I usually remove its jacket. While the book jacket is meant to protect, it's also meant to get your attention when you're shopping at Barnes & Noble. In a small space, I think using the plain spines of books helps them blend in. The spines are usually plain and without words. My collection isn't so big that I don't know what a book is just by seeing its spine. I highly doubt I'll ever forget that the book in the picture above is a Nate Berkus book.


  1. I totally agree! Removing the dust jackts on books make them look almost vintage, you know? LOVE Nate but don't want his eyes following me around my house either. =]

  2. I like the sleeve-less book look as well. That book has a great pattern. Nice find!

  3. I never thought to do this but I'm going to try it. Some of the spines looking at me from the bookcase are busy with crazy fonts and colors.


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