Cleaning up moldings: do you scrub, wash or paint?

As a child, I remember my mother scrubbing our moldings once in a while (maybe once a year or s0). She's wasn't Martha Stewart, but she was a pretty great homemaker. She never gave me any direction on proper maintenance of moldings, but I assumed I was supposed to wash them periodically.

I have no where near the amount of time my mother had for cleaning, so I really have to pick my battles. My moldings haven't been scrubbed since I moved here in 2005. The extent of my maintenance on the moldings has be using my Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on a few more visible sections.

Selling my TV armoire to a friend and moving it to her house yesterday gave me the opportunity to address the living room moldings. Somehow, I feel as though I took a shortcut by not doing any scrubbing and my mother would disapprove. The yellow-white that was used by the builder is gone and the moldings are painted Sherwin Williams' Alabaster to match the ceiling.

Look, mom! No scrubbing!


  1. A wet paper towel usually does the trick. If its a bad scuff, Ill reapaint (just as soon as I get around to it!)

  2. I've found it also depends on the paint the builder used. There is no way just a wet paper towel will clean ours because of this weird finish that collects dust and doesn't let it leave. :( Brommer's soap and water with a bit of vinegar also helps. But, I'm planning on repainting this fall!


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