Buying once vs. buying often

I grew up hearing that it was better to buy a good quality item once than to buy low quality items often. I haven't always put that thought into practice. After all, I moved a nice Bernhardt armoire out of my living room in favor of an Ikea console and I'm trying to sell a custom made desk so I can get a West Elm parsons table.

Today, I realized that I convinced myself that buying a particular item often at a low price was much better than investing in a top quality one. The item: dog beds. Looking through my photo albums of Baxter, I can spot at least ten different dog beds and I'm sure there are some that didn't get photographed over the last two years. I always buy cheap, $25 beds at Marshalls or TJ Maxx. They're colorful, but they never last more than a couple months. They rarely survive more than two or three washes because the zippers on them are junky and the seams aren't sewn very well.

I've been thinking about getting a nice, quality dog bed from Orivs or LL Bean, but the color options are pretty limited. Flipping through Bark Magazine, I saw an ad for Crypton, a company that makes furniture, accessories, and even pet beds using a kind of fabric that is stain and odor resistant, impenetrable, and made in the U.S. by a company with a commitment to sustainability. The fabric options are fun and colorful and they even allow people to design their own beds.

I think I've narrowed the options down to two fabrics. Any thoughts? The first is fun and cheerful. The second is more sophisticated.


  1. I like the second option when choosing from these two. I will tell you, though, that I bought a dog bed from Orvis for my granddog (that's right, granddog!); and it was a GREAT purchase. The fabric wasn't as wonderful as the second option you show, but it matched Lena's hair color---which was really nice. I washed it a lot, and it held up well. When my daughter moved across country (and took my granddog with her), she also took the bed... still holding up well!

  2. Love the second choice! :)

  3. oh definitely #1 - it's a dog bed not an accent pillow! ;) My mother sends us Orvis stuff for the dogs and it's always great quality

  4. Argh! If the top one had a dark bottom, I'd be all over it, but I'm worried about it looking dingy over time. I'm leaning towards the black one with the damask swirls because it won't show dirty as much.

    The fabric on the top one comes in a dark version, but it's not being made anymore. That would have been perfect. :(

  5. If it were me, I'd pick the damask. Although it almost looks Hawaiian. Is that a hibiscus?

    Good luck!!

  6. I saw the top bed at a store in Provincetown yesterday. It was niiiiiiice. :)


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