Playing with electricity

Working with electricity has always made me a little nervous. I'd rather paint a room with crazy angles or assemble one of those pieces of furniture that comes with a tiny allen wrench (which isn't just an Ikea thing...I had something from Nordstrom come that way!).

Looking at chandeliers for the dining room was a lot of fun, but as I got closer to making my final decision, I was getting increasingly worried. How the heck was I going to hang it once I got it? I pushed those thoughts to the back of my mind and debated the most worthy light fixture of the finalists I had assembled.

I kept coming back to the 5th chandelier. I thought it was the right one for my space, but I couldn't see what was going on underneath the drum shade and neither the catalog, nor the website had more pictures.

Luckily, Shades of Light is a Richmond, VA based business. I didn't know this at the time...I had gotten the catalog in Boston and assumed it was a catalog business, not a brick and mortar store. Not only is there a huge showroom in Richmond, there's an outlet as well! As luck would have it, that showroom also has some of the nicest staff members and they offered to order the chandelier (it wasn't in house) with no obligation to me just so I could see what was under that shade.

When the fixture arrived, I was delighted by the scale - the drum shade was big...not too, too big, but big enough that I had to put the seats down in my car to get it home. The chandelier underneath was beautiful. It was modern, but still had some bling. Perfect.

As luck would have it, my neighbor was as comfortable working with electricity as I was about working with paint. I had her direction (along with Be Jane, a DIY site geared towards women) to guide me through hanging the chandelier.


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