Keeping a tiny kitchen uncluttered

One of my friends took a look at the blog and asked what the wood box under the cabinets by the mixer was. That's a neat, cabinet mounted knife block!

I had a traditional block for my knives, but it was pretty bulky. With such limited space, I decided to look for alternative ways to store my knives. I looked at magnetic strips, but I was a little worried about exposed blades. I liked the blocks that fit inside drawers, but I didn't have any drawer space to spare. We have some great kitchen supplies in town, but I wound up having to go to Sur la Table to find this cabinet mounted block.

Pretty neat, huh?


  1. Laura C (NavyWife1993)August 1, 2009 at 9:08 PM

    Very cool! I really like that. (Also loving the little spice containers!)

  2. That is such an awesome idea! Unfortunately, I went to the Sur La Table website and don't see that particular one! But, I am going to search the web. Thanks for the idea!


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