Feeding my paint addiction

Not having painted anything in quite some time, I was itching for a project that would let me haul out my brushes and rollers. My patio has gotten a bit of my attention recently and I thought I could try to add a little something extra to it. The project is still in progress, so I won't have final photos until tomorrow.

For now, her are photos of what is probably the smallest patio in the world. I thought I'd do some quick cleaning on Friday, but the filth was much more substantial than I expected and I was still scrubbing on Saturday afternoon. At first, I was going to use TSP, but after reading the label, decided I didn't want it anywhere near my plants and the critters that creep around out there. I read that full strength vinegar would help, but that didn't do too, too much. Finally, I went into the Blue Ridge Eco Shop and they told me that the stuff that's in OxyClean should be safe to use around plants and animals. Here's hoping...the wild sunflowers are still standing.

Can you tell what I'm doing? Can you tell that I taped and re-taped about half a dozen times because I was convinced that my measurements were off?


  1. Hi Jeannine, Thank you for posting on my blog. I agree with you about the low ratings on RMS--mine began to quickly decline. I love your blog you are doing a great job on your condo. I think I saw the pictures of your dining room on Garden web. You have great style.

  2. Aw, thanks for visiting my little, fledgling blog, Kara. Yours has been on my blog reader for quite some time!


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