Compulsive Craigslisting

Along with my case of Ikea Panic, I think I have a compulsive Craigslist habit. I'm not on a buying spree, though. I'm on a listing spree. Every time I look around a room, I mentally put price tags on things. Since I'm replacing my couch, I might as well replace my desk, TV armoire, and rug, right? Someone will give me what I want for these things, right?

Well, unfortunately, being a compulsive Craigslister is not easy in a town like Charlottesville. Back in Boston, I could list almost anything and have multiple interested parties within a few days. In Charlottesville, it can take weeks to get a nibble on a good piece of furniture. Still, I list, wait, and have fun with the scammers, who know me as Princess Zamunda (that's the country in which Eddie Murphy's character in Coming to America lived).

Anyone want a Bernhardt armoire? How about a desk I had made in Italy when I was first out of school (and fancied myself to be more sophisticated than I really am)?


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