Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Baxter on Desire to Inspire

Desire to Inspire has a thing for dogs on chairs. I posted a few links to pictures of Baxter on pieces of furniture and they were posted today!

At this point, Baxter has been photographed by a USA Today reporter, appeared on TV, and is more popular than I am at work (he is on my work blog regularly). It's only fitting that he gets a little attention from the design bloggers, too.
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  1. Baxter is so cute! He deserves all the attention he gets :)

  2. Thanks...he's such a good, little pup. He had a rough start in life (almost died when I got him), but he has grown up to be a smart, happy, healthy dog. I wish I could introduce him to everyone. My boyfriend says he leaves a "wake of smiles" behind him where ever he goes.

  3. I love big (or bigger than 30 lbs) dogs and I just have to say that he is too cute!

  4. He is so cute and famous too!


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