Baxter graduates (and a hint at where I'm going next)

Over the weekend, Baxter had a graduation of sorts.

As a puppy, Bax loved his crate. When he was sleepy or wanted to do some chewing, he'd retreat to his crate. When he was about to get a good treat, he'd trot to his crate, looking back every few steps to make sure I was following. Though he loved his crate, I wasn't sure it was quite large enough for him to stay in all the time. Instead of getting a bigger one, I took the crate away to use in my rescue work and got a baby gate to give Baxter some boundaries, but more room to stretch out when I wasn't home.

Baxter didn't mind the gate at all. He learned to proudly demonstrate his ability to open the gate on command. When he reached two years old, I decided he was ready to have full run of the house. I had tried this with him about six months ago, but came home to a carefully shredded tissue one day and a daintily shredded napkin the next. This time, there were no problems. Baxter's a free dog and the doorway into the kitchen is a little more spacious.

As if it wasn't obvious, I'm going to talk about some changes in the kitchen next. I haven't done much and could use some opinions on what to do next!


  1. Congrats to Big Boy! He's a free roaming man now. (check your typo I had to this this...). I've redone Jack's whole house now except for that damn pink closet but it's taken me 6 years to actually tackle the kitchen. New flooring - good wood laminate to match the rest of the floors. Countertops - fancy new laminate because stone would look odd in there and 3k is just too much to pay to still end up with no damn counter space. Real wood cabinet faces over Ikea cabinets next - faces delivered, just arguing with my installer over paint v. stain. The Ikea is white, dammit, stain will turn it into a whole new problem. I'm trying to SOLVE problems, Mister! Now I need new paint, I missed the boat on my last color and the lightest shade of my darker complimentary wall turned out to look like "Dishwater." May have to have you over for a consult! Pineapple is sounding yummy.

  2. I think you're 100% right to push for paint since the doors are already white, Di. I think your cabinet guy is trying to avoid the painting, which can be tricky. A friend of mine rented (or maybe bought?) a paint sprayer to do her cabinet doors and she said the finish looked professional.

    I painted my doors (pictures and post coming on that) and it took a long time to look good.


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