Bathroom remodel

Remember the pictures of the empty condo that I posted back when I started the blog? The bathroom bothered me in a pretty big way.

From The Empty Condo

At first, I thought I would just switch out the plumbing fixtures, get a new toilet, tile the floor, and consider the bathroom good enough. Stumbling upon marble basketweave tile last summer changed my plan. The stuff was gorgeous. It was carrera (why are there multiple spellings of that word?) and I had to have it. My bathroom plan started to come together.

Now, I should tell you up front that the total cost of my bathroom remodel was low and I think that's because I gathered materials very slowly, over the course of about five months, by shopping on ebay. The drawback was that in a tiny condo, I had an ever growing pile of supplies sitting out for months. It didn't bother me, though I did curse myself a little bit when I pushed a sink out of the way to vacuum or hid everything in my bedroom when people came over.

For the next week or so, I'm going to share the process as it happened. I'm far enough away from the project that I can laugh about some of the unexpected surprises that happened, so feel free to make fun of my missteps.


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