Bathroom remodel: Grout and fixtures

Okay, I was a bit eager to declare my bathroom done. I forgot about the insane amount of legwork tracking down the right grout took.

Originally, TG had said to get grout at Home Depot. For some reason about which many Charlottesville locals gossip, HD has been blocked from opening here. Not only do we have Lowes, we had what was the largest Lowes in the country for a while. But, TG said Home Depot, so I went to Home Depot. I was looking for gray grout, which would blend nicely with the tile. The HD over the mountain in Waynesboro only carries one gray grout color, Delorian Gray. I was pretty sure it was too dark to look nice with my tile, but I lugged a bunch of it home anyway.

After spending all that money on tile, I kept thinking that it wold be a shame to settle for grout that wasn't exactly right. I talked to TG and realized he just liked the style of grout at HD, not the specific brand. Off I went to Lowes to get Laticrete brand grout, which they had in a light gray color called Silver Shadow. The only problem: they only stocked that color in sanded grout. That was fine for the walls, but unsanded grout was needed for the basket weave on the floor. Lowes simply would not order the unsanded grout and the local tile shops didn't have it on hand. One tried to sell me the grout that has to have the color mixed into it, but that is such a chore and there's no guarantee that you'll mix the exact same color if you don't make enough.

Finally, I found a great tile supplier in Richmond with the grout in stock. After work one day, I raced over there to pick up all the grout I needed. Mind you, this was all happening during the busiest time of the year for me at work. TG had told me to get enough unsanded grout to cover 45 square feet of floor and the salesperson at the tile supply gave me one box of unsanded grout, assuring me that it would cover 45 square feet easily.

The next day, TG called me at work saying that the box of unsanded grout hadn't even covered half of the floor. In a panic, I called my boyfriend, who got in the car and drove an hour to Richmond to pick up another box of grout. By the time I got home, the entire room had been grouted and there was a toilet in my bathroom! Hooray!

The next day was the final plumbing day. The sink went in, shower fixtures were mounted, and I said good by to TG. Once he was gone, I realized how much "post model" work has to get done. That's for next time...


  1. I just adore everything you picked it - it is stunning! No detail was overlooked! Can I transport your bathroom into my master bath, please?! :)

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