Bathroom remodel: Fixing the builder's shortcuts

During demo day, TG (Tile Guy) found that the builders of my condo complex cut a few corners. The first discovery was the most nerve wracking. There was no waterproof material behind the tiles in the shower area. This meant that any wear in the grout or caulking around the tub could have easily allowed water to find its way to the drywall, insulation, and wood work behind the tile. When TG told me this, I quickly posted a message on my condo community's discussion board letting people know to repair their grout and caulk if there was any sign of problems. I got a reply pretty quickly that someone else had already experienced a problem with this.

The second problem was in the floor. Vinyl sheeting had been laid directly on the concrete base floor (I'm on the ground floor) and after peeling it up, TG found a big crack in that concrete. Had I been DIYing, I wouldn't have through twice about working right over the vinyl, but TG told me that crack could have gotten worse, so he repaired and sealed it, then laid a waterproof liner on the floor.

We lost a full day to fixing these little presents left to us by the builder. Knowing I was a little discouraged, TG managed to put a few rows of subway up so I would have something to look at overnight.

Oh! I forgot one funny incident. After TG framed out my shower niche, he instructed the plumber to run a new supply line up to where the shower head would go. TG returned and immediately called the plumber. Here is how the conversation started:
TG: Dude, you ran your supply line right through my niche!
Plumber: What's a niche?


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