Bathroom remodel: demo day!

Like I was anticipating the start of my bathroom remodel, you might have been itching for an end to the "pre-model" posts so I would get to the good stuff. Well, demolition day finally arrived on February 18th, about two months after my original start date (which was delayed due to problems with my tile order). I work from home a few days a week during the winter, so I was able to document most of the process.

I didn't realize demolition was necessary. I thought TG (tile guy) would tap, tap, tap the old tiles off the wall with little effort. When he went into the bathroom to start working, I was sitting at my desk with Baxter, my golden retriever, at my feet taking a nap. Within a few minutes, I was questioning whether I could work at home at all during the work and Baxter was looking extremely distressed and worried:

Poor Baxter, upset over all the noise

When TG walked out the door carrying an entire wall, I jumped up from the desk and flew into the bathroom to see what was happening. Surprise! We're going down to the studs! It's a good thing, too, because the people who built these condos didn't put any waterproof material behind the tile. Now, that's not really a problem right now, as the buildings are only about four years old and my grout was intact. I later found out from my condo community's message board that others had problems with grout failing and water seeping into the drywall (hello, mold!).

The rest of the day was spent cringing as all sorts of noises came from the bathroom. Baxter was warming up to TG (he had to show TG how the baby gate worked...Baxter can open it, but TG couldn't figure it out), though he looked at me in confusion when he started singing along to his music (TG is the lead singer in a local band). The end of the first day wasn't so bad, though I was creeped out by the open walls and was convinced all sorts of critters would have unfettered access to my place without the drywall up.

Here's a pictorial recap of day one:

Tomorrow: Plumbing and tile


  1. Awww, poor Baxter! Can he really open and close his gate? So cute!

  2. He can open it, but he can't close it. :) After he opened the gate randomly (see the video above), I worked with him to associate it with a command.

  3. I cringe at the noises that come out of my bathroom too -- and I'm not talking about demo!! ;-)

    Funny that Baxter had to show TG how to open the baby gate :-D

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  4. Let me tell you, when I heard about the baby gate, I was pretty worried that something was going to go terribly wrong in the bathroom (hot water line to cold faucet, etc), but I guess the baby gate is just a little tricky for some.


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