Bathroom remodel: And then it was done

Amazingly, once the Tile Guy's life was back in order (and I'm saying that affectionately...I really like the guy), things moved along extremely quickly. When I got home from work each day, I would run to the bathroom and see TG's progress. The day I came home to this, I was giddy with excitement:

Over the next two days, tile made its way to almost every surface. TG put down a quilt to protect the basket weave while he finished up with the baseboard and chair rail and pulling back that quilt was the best part of my day when the time was done. It was all so close to being done!

You may have noticed that in addition to being without my shower, I was without my toilet for the four days when all of this final tile work was being done. The original plan was to stay at my boyfriend's place, but the thought of packing and relocating me and Baxter was a bit much. Now don't go Jill Zarin on me, but I used the bathroom at the complex clubhouse for about four days (I continued to shower at my neighbor's, but didn't want to be in and out of her place constantly). After the first day, I considered treating myself to a nice room at the Boar's Head Inn, but I decided to stay put and keep an eye on the work being done. I convinced myself it was like being at camp. I know that's crazy.

Next time: grout and fixtures


  1. Girl, that bathroom is amazing!! I love the tile work...I have always wanted a true tile bathroom, and you have rocked it!
    Thank you for your comment on my blog...I agreed with you 100%...have a great weekend, and enjoy your bathroom being close to done and having a toilet are much stronger then me, I would have went to the hotel! :)

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