Bathroom pre-model: paint and lighting

While I waited for my tile guy to finish the project he started during the delay of my tile delivery, I decided to change the paint and overhead lighting in the bathroom. Neither task as all that challenging, but picking paint is what brought me to the home of the decor blogging doyenne, Mrs. Limestone.

I had narrowed my color choices down to a few, similar colors and googled the names to find pictures of rooms that had already been painted in those colors (the virtual painting tools on websites never seem to help me make decisions). Searching for Benjamin Moore's Quiet Moments and bathrooms brought me to Mrs. Lime's posts on GardenWeb and then to her blog. Seeing her master bathroom made me confident that the color would look great, but it also made me realize that my tile choices were almost the same as someone else's. At first, I worried about being a copycat, but her pictures also helped a skeptical boyfriend realize that my marble tile was going to look nice in my tiny bathroom.

Before I started painting, I bought a small, relatively inexpensive chandelier on ebay for the overhead light (there was also a vanity light to buy, but I decided to wait until my medicine cabinet was up to get that). The boyfriend was extremely suspect of putting a chandelier in the bathroom and I assured him that this wasn't an outrageous thing to do. Of course, at that point, I had a hard time finding pictures of bathrooms with chandeliers, so he continued to think I was he was convinced to hold the thing over his head as I connected the wires.

The bathroom was looking pretty good, but I couldn't wait to see some bigger changes.


  1. I love that you put a chandy in the bathroom. Really finishes the space!

  2. Thanks! I just read your comment to my boyfriend. :)

  3. Hey, why not put a chandelier in a bathroom?? :-) Yours looks great, and the wall colour is beautiful :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  4. I'm with you! I actually had a neighbor who had one in a closet...and it was not a walk in closet!


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