Sad, little patio gets a lift

My 7 foot x 5 foot patio hasn't gotten too much of my attention in the past. Coco + Kelley's post last week about small patios with big style made me think about doing a little bit more with that little concrete rectangle outside my French doors.

I'm not an accomplished gardener at all. In fact, I usually just buy already blooming flowers over growing any from seed. This year, I bought some sunflower (mini yellow and full size red) and zinnia seed back in the spring. The mini sunflowers are doing well, but only two zinnia had buds on them. One two of the full size sunflowers bloomed. The patio was looking pretty sad.

After a trip to the garden center, I added some blue hydrangea, two boxwoods to flank the space, cleaned and filled my birdbath, and cleaned my hummingbird feeder. It's not a phenomenal change, but it doesn't look quite as sad as before.

My next purchase might be some sort of bistro set so we can eat outside. It'll have to be extremely tiny, though!


  1. Hi Jeannine :)

    I love all the changes to your patio! Flowers always make me smile :)

    Thank you so much for sharing the story about your friend's furry baby and for your kind words about Shiloh.


  2. I've been looking for a well made but not over the top expensive bistro set too. It would make such a difference in my front porch's appeal.

  3. Aww, love the hydrangeas! We planted peony plants in the front yard! Wish us luck they will bloom next year!


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