Rental decorating in the bedroom

The bedroom furniture consisted of a bed and a side table in those early days.

It was a sad beginning, wasn't it? This picture is from 2005, when I first moved in. I quickly picked up a cheap, Hepplewhite-ish side table at Bombay to give me a little drawer space while I searched area furniture stores for a dresser. Bombay wasn't the best quality stuff, but the style and price appealed to me at the time. I still have that chest next to the bed and aside from some scratches on the top, it looks pretty nice.

Looking at the picture of the room from 2005, I have to laugh at my art. I had seen some huge silhouettes with apple green backings at the Kips Bay Show House in NYC the year before and had attempted to reproduce them on a smaller, less expensive scale. Every night after work for about a week, I'd sit on the bare living room floor (there was no furniture in there at the time) and cut silhouettes. It took days to get three I deemed good enough to put into some frames I found at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. They are nowhere near the silhouettes Karl Johnson made for that show house (check out what he wrote about them on his blog).

The chair next to the bed was a floor model from the Norwalk Furniture Idea in Richmond. I had gone in to look for a living room chair, but was shocked by the prices. As I was leaving the store, I spotted a parsons chair upholstered in the funniest fabric (stay tuned...I'll post a close up in a couple days). It was a floor model clearance item and I snapped it up on the spot.

You've seen the "before" and the "before-before". Stay tuned for the transition to "after."


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