Monogram envy

The little look back at my early decorating is going to be interrupted by a monogram discussion. I love monograms in little doses. A few years ago, I put mine on my door and thought it looked pretty cute.

Pardon the dirty tennis balls...part of the deal when you have a golden retriever

And lately, I've been in love with Blue Heron Bags, a store at the dog-friendly Mall at Short Pump that will monogram purchases while you shop.

But something I've been noticing lately is that certain letters look really funny in certain styles of monograms. I happen to have two of these letters, J and L, in my monogram. Before I get anything embroidered, I see if I can look at the monogram on the computer screen before the stitching begins just to make sure the letters look okay.

Cut to a few weeks ago. I found some beautiful boudoir shams in the sale section of Yves Delorme in downtown Charlottesville. We're one of the few cities with an outlet at the back of the store and I got two shams for $3.15 (can you believe it?!?). I thought they'd look very cute with my monogram. So, I dropped them off at our local monogram shop and talked to two staff members about what I wanted on them. When I got home, I followed up by emailing a picture of what I wanted on the shams.

A week later (yes, a week), the shams came back...looking terrible. There were sloppy stitches, which is odd seeing that the stitching is done by computerized sewing machines. The staff agreed that the shams didn't look right and agreed to try again.

Yesterday, I got these back:

Why are the letters so disproportionate? Why does the J look like it's further away from the L than the C?

Maybe I need to change my name to get a better monogram. The boyfriend's name starts with an S. That has potential.


  1. Obsessed with monograms too! Yeah, it's the L that pushes the c so far, but still think it looks great!


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