Setting the scene

When I moved to Charlottesville, I had only been here once. The night before my job interview, I drove down Main Street (thinking "How cute! They have a Main Street.") and saw some townhouses down a hill. I couldn't spot the name of the neighborhood or the cross street.

Back home, successful interview behind me, I started looking at apartment websites to see if I could find those townhouses. It was surprisingly easy. The community turned out to consist of single story units in townhouse-esque buildings. The location was perfect. The rents were reasonable (compared to Boston) and when the job offer came, I arranged to be the first tenant in my unit. I never saw the apartments in person, but I used the measurements on the website to block out the sizes of the rooms in my living room in Boston.

Each room could have fit into the living room in my pre-war apartment. That was fine. I planned to sell as much of my cheap furniture as possible and move to Virginia with my desk (my first major furniture purchase) and my bed.

By the time my unit converted to a condo a few years later, I was in love with my place and was eager to start doing more substantial changes to the interior than I was allowed to do as a renter.

My unit was not the smallest floor plan available, but at 785 square feet, it didn't really warrant the "Executive" name it was given by the developer. I've grown to love my small place and at times feel liberated by the square footage. I've become a fan of small spaces and love adapting ideas I see in magazines and online to fit in them. This interest has become the impetus for this blog. I'll document the changes I make to this unit and in the future (I'm keeping this blog private for now) use it as a forum to chat with others who love design and decorating.

Pictures of the empty place are coming in the next post. Stay tuned!

785 sq ft
Maybe this blog should be called Tiny Chic?


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