Friday, June 26, 2015

The 2015 Southern Living Design House Opens Tomorrow!

The design community in Charlottesville and beyond has been buzzing about the 2015 Southern Living Design House. This is the second year in a row that a Southern Living house has been built in our area by Summit Custom Homes (you may remember this video from last year's house, which I loved).  This year's project also included Rosney Co. Architects, venerable designer Bunny Williams, and many local suppliers and artisans.

This year's home is located on Bundoran Farm, a housing development where scenic, two-acre home sites are interspersed with working farms, orchards, and untouched forest. Summit Custom Homes has joined the list of builders working at Bundoran with this beautiful home.


I'm sharing professional photos provided by the Southern Living Idea House team, but I'll share photos from my private visit on Monday (tons of details shots!). If you are a local who has visited the house during one of the many preview events, you will definitely want to return when the house opens tomorrow. Some things were changing while I was there on Thursday afternoon!

Of course, I have to mention Bunny Williams' wonderful work at the house. The house might be new, but Bunny creates spaces that feel like they've been there for years. Someone has surely curled up on the sofa in the tavern with a good book off one of the shelves that line the cozy room. Some children may have just abandoned the board game in progress in the bunk room to play outside. Is this a show house or are we visiting friends for a lovely lunch at the table in the kitchen? It's no surprise that the designer references family and dogs in her videos on the Southern Living Idea House page.

Are you ready to visit? Tours of the house start tomorrow and are available Wednesday through Sunday until the end of the year. The official details:
  • Southern Living Idea House Tours: June 27, 2015 – December 27, 2015.
  • Hours: Wednesday-Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Sunday 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. Closed Monday and Tuesday.
  • Tickets are available for purchase at the Baldwin Center at Bundoran Farm: 5005 Edge Valley Road, North Garden, VA 22959. *All parking is at the Baldwin Center with shuttles provided to the Idea House. For more information, please call 888/973-3276.
  • Tickets: $15 per person; children 12 and under are free.

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Monday, June 15, 2015

An Update from the Offline House

I got home from work last Friday to find that our Comcast internet and cable were  not working. After power cycling and doing the standard resets on our hardware, I used both a chat session and Comcast's phone support to further troubleshoot the issue. Nothing helped, so a service appointment was scheduled for Saturday, between 8 AM and noon.

That was the first of four appointments for which Comcast was a no show. The next appointment is Wednesday, but I think we are just canceling service. We researched switching to Centruy Link and it looks like it will cost $50 less than our Comcast service. 

So I'm blogging from my phone right now (a first in all these years!) and am not sure this will work. Between Our dog recovering from surgery and this, I have been stuck at home on the weekends. I haven't been able to get out to the tile shop. The bathroom progress is at a standstill. 

Since this is all text, I'll share a teaser picture of the project that is currently in progress. 

There is still A LOT of work to do...

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Friday, June 12, 2015

J. Crew Warehouse (not the same as Outlet) Sale in Lynchburg!

I'm a little late posting this, but since my J. Crew Warehouse posts are some of the most popular ones, I thought I would share it.

The J. Crew Warehouse is NOT the same thing as the outlet. The outlet carries lower-quality stuff than the stores. The Warehouse has a mix of catalog/store items and outlet items. If you know your tags (outlet items usually have stars on the tag), you can walk away from these sales with incredible deals. 

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Craigslist Alert! Amazing Lighting in Charlottesville and Lynchburg!

I came across this post on Craigslist last night and had to share it. I wish our ceilings were tall enough to have fixtures like this over our peninsula in the kitchen! The seller has two of each light shown in this picture - the hanging and the swing art lights, both in brass.

The swing arm lights retail for $355 and the globe pendants retail for $580. The seller is asking $600 for two swing arm fixtures and $775 for the two pendants.

Just an hour down the road, someone is selling two Restoration Hardware pendants for just $85.

One more listing that caught my eye: a slew of Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware furniture being sold by one person. If you love neutrals, this listing will be of interest!
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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Finding the Perfect Paint for Kitchen Cabinets (and pink granite)

After Baxter's surgery, he was on a regime that required food and medication three times per day. I had planned on going back to the tile shop to finalize flooring for our bathroom, but I took some vacation time to stay at home with Baxter instead. Since the bathroom progress was stalled, I decided to jump into painting our kitchen cabinets.

We plan to do a full renovation on the kitchen in the future, but that's probably a few years down the road. For now, painting the cabinets will help brighten the room up.

I posted about trying to find a good paint color to go with the pink (yes, pink) granite kitchen countertops a few weeks ago. I wasn't really happy with any of the colors I tested, so I turned to the Houzz forums for some opinions. One woman was nice enough to pull out the main colors
in the granite.

I loved seeing the colors lined up that way, but none of them jumped out at me as a color I particularly liked. Another user photoshopped a pretty, green color on the walls in hopes that it would make the room look nicer, but I thought it made the granite stand out even more.

Finally, a user suggested a specific color, Benjamin Moore Lancaster Whitewash. I looked up pictures of kitchens in which that color was used on the cabinets and thought it might be just right. One sample pot later, I had my color:

The paint was still wet when I took that picture, so it is slightly darker. I still have a long ways to go before I can show a pretty picture. More soon!
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Friday, June 5, 2015

Favorite Spaces from the 2015 DC Design House

Something always takes me to Maryland during the DC Design House, so I try to stop and see it as I drive home. This year, the house was in Virginia for the first time in my memory. Also for the first time in a while, the house was new construction. Beautiful new construction, of course.

I didn't take pictures of the first several rooms, but then I realized that the "no photography" rule was out the window on the last weekend of the event. People were snapping pictures left and right. In past years, I've seen room attendants scold visitors for pulling out their phones to get a picture of a favorite space.

One of the spaces getting the most attention was this incredible installation in the backyard.

Since I'm getting ready to do a bathroom, I was really interested in the tile and fixture choices in the bathrooms. I felt like there were 20 of them.

Do I really need to write notes on every picture? Probably know. Half of the people who see this will probably just be scrolling to see the pictures. Have at it...

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Beautiful Homes of Grace and Frankie

Since we had to spend the weekend watching Baxter, our golden retriever, to make sure he wasn't having an adverse reaction to his surgery or medications, we found ourselves flipping through Netflix and stumbled upon Grace and Frankie.

Okay, in reality, Marc was going to put some sort of crime drama on and I made a last minute plea for something that would make us laugh. Grace and Frankie was the perfect pick. The show is charming and funny...but I couldn't stop staring at the backgrounds. Grace's house and the beach house Grace and Frankie share are both stunning homes. I pulled out my ipad so I could take a few screen shots to share. IMDB says the set design was by Barbara Mesney.

The first home is used by two couples: Grace and Robert and then Robert and Sol. When discussing their divorce, Grace says she doesn't want this home and Robert can have it if she can have their beach house. 

The front hall:

Grace's Bedroom:

More of the front hall and the dining room:

Robert's Bedroom:

The kitchen:

The living room:

Grace and Frankie move into the beach house that the couples shared for years while their husbands move into the house above, that Grace and Robert shared for years. Confused? In a nutshell, the husbands, business partners, fall in love and leave their wives. The wives weren't the closest friends to start with, but they become roommates and friends.

Most of the action at the beach house takes place in the kitchen, dining room, and the two living rooms that flank the dining room. Frankie has a meditation room where a few scenes take place and we also see Grace's bedroom in an early episode.

The kitchen:

Living room #1:

The dining room:

Living Room #2 (I kind of love that chair!):

Frankie's meditation room:

Frankie's art studio:

I haven't finished the first season just yet, so I may have missed some good shots!
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