Friday, May 22, 2015

Our Kitchen Bath Collection Vanity Arrived!

*I don't think this posted yesterday, so I'm trying again!*

Do you remember the scene in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt when Amy Sedaris throws herself on marble counters in the Vorhees kitchen, screaming about carrara marble? I was close this morning. Our bathroom vanity from Kitchen Bath Collection arrived!

The day after I placed the order, KBC called to explain how shipping and delivery would work. They followed up with an email and a picture of our vanity waiting to be picked up at their California warehouse. The vanity made it to Richmond in four or five days and Marc set up a delivery appointment for this morning. The driver called one hour before he arrived so our 9am-12pm delivery window turned into 9am-9:30am.

I was happy to see that, just as KBC instructed, nothing was on top of the package.

There was definitely another vanity in the truck and the driver said he was in Charlottesville every day making deliveries. So, there are probably some KBC vanities in other houses in town. 

The driver waited for us to peel back the layers of packaging (plastic wrap, cords, cardboard, thin sheets of wood, more cardboard, foam, and packing bubbles). When we saw that all of the corners were fine, we signed off and he was on his way.

I could help but snap a picture of the counter when we got the box open.

The vanity is HEAVY. The box says it's about 220 lbs.We were able to get it inside using some movers' straps I bought a few years ago. We each put our straps under the vanity and used the loops to pick the whole thing up. It wasn't easy, but we managed to get up our stairs pretty quickly.

Here it is in our (still untouched) laundry room:

The hardware matches the faucet we got from KBC, which is brushed chrome (I think).

The finish is good. It's not perfection, but it's solid for the cost. 

I had thought the sink looked small in the product images, but it is a nice size.

I had been most concerned about the marble countertop being made of two slabs of marble. Some buyers didn't realize that there were two slabs, but I think it's obvious. There's some grit and dust on it, so maybe the seam won't be as noticeable when I clean things up.

The edge is pretty nice!

I almost forgot about the back splash! It's nicer than I expected, with a beveled edge. 

We are still a little ways away from starting work on the bathroom. Next, I'll be looking for shower fixtures, ordering tile, and looking for a vendor who does frameless shower walls and doors. If you have any recommendations, I would love to hear them!
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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

How to Get Rid of the Ants in Peonies

This is just a super quick post because I was late getting started today due to some happenings at home (more on this tomorrow, I think). Last night, I was talking to a friend about our peonies and those tiny ants that are inside them came up.

There is something about peonies that little ants love. I did a little reading and found that they like the eat "sticky sugars" inside the flowers. That same website says the solution is to pick your peonies before they open up, so there aren't any ants inside them when you bring the flowers indoors. I always wait too long and wind up with the ants.

When we were hanging our hummingbird feeders a few weeks ago, I realized that I had a solution. Those little ants can't swim, which is why we hang an ant moat over some of our hummingbird feeders. They can crawl up almost any thing, but once they hit water, they can't go any further.

I started putting a little saucer of water under each of the vases I used for peonies. I haven't seen any ants on the table since!

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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Shop Tour: Williams and Sherrill (and their outlet)

Have I done a shop tour of Williams and Sherrill before? Yes, I have. BUT it's been over a year and I didn't include pictures from their outlet, which just a few doors away, in the same shopping center. The outlet is almost as big as the main store and has tons of bolts of fabric and rolls of wallpaper. It also has floor models that have been moved out of the main store.

This Hickory Chair secretary caught my eye the second I walked in the door. It retails for around $6,000 and their floor model was on sale for 25% off $4,252. That's $3,189, half of retail. Not bad!

A big, chocolate velvet sofa was in the next vignette and it was also on sale for 25% off the outlet price. Almost everything there was and extra 25-50% off.

A Lillian August chest...

I thought the side tables where more interesting than the sofa...

And remnants that were $5 each...most of them were 2-4 yards.

Now, on to the main store. I was a little surprised that some of the items on the floor were the same as the last time I came here. Maybe they are so busy with clients, but I would have repainted the chartreuse vignette by now. It's been there for a while...

I'm always on the look out for chests, but the two I liked didn't have manufacturer's labels. I like to know who made my things!

I finished in the main store pretty quickly. I kind of felt like I had seen most of these things before. This store is in the suburbs of Richmond, so maybe this is to be expected while my favorite furniture store in the city, Ruth and Ollie is always changing things up and getting new items in.

Huguenot Village Shopping Center
2003 Huguenot Road
Richmond, VA 23235
 M-F 10AM-6PM
Saturday 10AM-4PM
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Monday, May 18, 2015

2015 Charlottesville Design House Recap

Another wonderful Charlottesville Design House has closed and I'm now able to share a few of the photos I took while volunteering at the house. I never take pictures of full rooms since I think people should go to the house and see it in person (and an iPhone doesn't do those beautiful rooms justice!), so these are just pictures of a few details.

This year's house was built by Summit Custom Homes for a client who lives in the area. Towards the end of the project, the house because the design house. Summit is the builder behind the Southern Living Showcase Home (last year's and the one that opens in a few weeks), so I know and love their work.  The house is quite large, with two master suites and three additional bedrooms. 

I have always loved how designers at the Charlottesville Design House display the business cards of everyone involved in their rooms.

A few detail shots from around the house...

For the sixth year, Robert Radifera has photographed the house. He has already posted some sneak peeks on his Facebook page! I hope to share more soon!

Did anyone else get to the Charlottesville Design House? What did you think? I was only there the first weekend, so I didn't get to see the bigger crowds coming through!
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Friday, May 15, 2015

Our Classic, White Bathroom Vanity is on the Way! (and a surprise discount)

My last post was about narrowing down the many bathroom vanity options we found online. We ultimately were deciding between the Katherine and Elizabeth vanities by Kitchen Bath Collection. I liked the curves of the Katherine and Marc liked the more traditional look of the Elizabeth.

 I wound up asking a question about the vanity on Amazon and several people responded with helpful comments. One said that she had used the Elizabeth at her lake house and included a link. She didn't use the back splash, but I think the vanity looks great.

 The weirdest thing happened. After Kitchen Bath Collection answered my question on the Amazon listing, the price dropped by $200. I wondered if it happened because I visited the page about a dozen times because people kept posting comments under my question. Regardless, I placed the order.

Yesterday afternoon, KBC called to tell me the vanity was leaving their warehouse and to explain how shipping would work. Then they sent an email with more information including this picture:

The email explained that the white cone on top of the crate is to prevent the shipping company from stacking anything on top of the vanity.

We should get a call about delivery next week!
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